Who are Councils?


Well Hello, after becoming involved with a Gentleman in Geraldton Western Australia by the name of Wayne Glew and the question I see getting around Facebook as well as general chat of the public, it seems that the Councils in Australia are trading illegally as well as thoroughgoing their weight around by issuing Parking Fines.

If you have received a parking fined “Do Not Pay It”, Councils are Not Authorised to issue fines of ‘ANY KIND”. Why, they are a Corporation trading under a ABN, thus is against the law. Councils are “NOT Recognised” within the Commonwealth Constitution, how ever they like to think they are a branch of the State or Territory Government of Australia in witch they are not, this to is against the law to do so.

As time goes on I will be adding more Important Information about what Councils are doing Illegally and “Yes you can fight back” and Yes its Time every Australian learns their Rights. This will also include “Shire’s”


Below is step by step details on what to do if you receive a Parking Fine from your Council.

**State & Territory Affidavit’s will differ!

Step 1: Complete the Affidavit, with the 7 points listed. South Australian Local Court Affidavit Form Do Not Change The 7 Points Listed

Step 2: Download and include the following Documents:
HCA 11 2015 Ruling
ATO Interpretative Decision
Commonwealth Consolidated

Step 3:
Copies required:
1 for your Self
1 for the Council
All documents MUST be sworn in and stamped by a Justice of the Peace (JP), NO Documents will be valid without the Stamp & Signature of a Registered JP.

Step 4: File your copy in a safe place.

Step 5: Serve your Affidavit on the Council or Person that has issued the fined, “When you issue the Affidavit you can do the following” Ask for the person named in the Affidavit, once that person is in front of you you ask this “Are your ….. they will say yes, you start to hand the affidavit over, this will make then move to except it, once they have it in their hand or fingers…. “Then you say I here by serve you with this Affidavit”.

Your serving is compete, you then turn and walk out (No other conversation or communication required). If they call you back IGNORE them keep walking.

Step 6: Sit back and wait for them to communicate. DO NOT ENTER IN TO ANY OTHER COMMUNICATIONS APART FROM POST OR EMAIL.

I will attach my dealing with the Council of Playford, South Australia soon.