Vote of no Confidence – Malcolm Turnbull

2 November 2015

To my fellow Australian’s

What Is Agenda 21?
This video is a MUST watch it will explain what the Australian Government is about to sign, What Is Agenda 21 ? something that effects YOU, ME and YOUR CHILDREN, This is YOUR future and the Future of Australia, This is what Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop are going to sign. THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED and STOPPED NOW!!!

Your Call for action is NOW, the Vote of No-Confidence towards Malcolm Turnbull is now ready for you to take the next step, Tricia Cook, Wayne Glew and myself have done this work for you on an official level. Its NOW to you to complete what we have done. Please follow the instruction carefully:
Step 1, You need to add Initials where the word Name is.
Step 2. Please add your Post Code where the word Post Code is.
Step 3. Save the word Document.
Step 4. Open your Email handler i.e. Outlook, gmail, hotmail.
Step 5. Attach the document to the email.
Step 6. You will need to Cut and Paste the list of email address’s – to do this move your mouse to the first letter of the first email address, then click and hold down your Left mouse button and slowly move your mouse to the last letter of the bottom email address, you should now see a blue box, the right click your mouse you will then be asked a few options you need to click COPY, then go back to your email handler and Right click in the CC option, if you don’t have a CC then just Right click in the TO, you will then have a option to Pasted click paste and you should have the list of email address pop up.
Step 7. In the Subject type: Vote of no Confidence

Step 8. Submit it – Click Send

Please Click Here to download the Word document of Malcolm Turnbull vote of No Confidence.

Thanks very much, Its now up to you the People of Australia. Please don’t allow Australia to be lost. Be Proud and Be Strong, we are Australian.

Please cut and pasted this in your email send to.;;;;;

Please Click Here to download the Word document of Malcolm Turnbull vote of No Confidence.

Proud Australian’s that are sending the Vote of No Confidence for Malcolm Turnbull – If you are getting replays from the Senators or the Senators staff asking or the following information: Full Name, Address, Email, and Contact number. You are NOT required to tell them this information, why ? as soon as you hand them this you will be fully open to private conversation and bombarded with crap from them, not only that you will be then put into a group. Plus would you trust someone with your details if that person is in reappearance to0 sell off Australia to the United Nation ? Your Post Code, First and Last name is that’s is all required. As when you send your email you in fact are also sending your Name …..