Pooraka South Australia: Traffic Concerns Over Northern Mosque Bid…


Hundreds of residents have signed a petition calling on Salisbury Council to block an application for a new mosque in Pooraka.

The council received the 200 signature petition, headed by Pooraka resident Karen Bennett, on September 8 and it was considered by councillors at a meeting last Monday (26 September 2016). About 20 people gathered in the public gallery for the meeting. However, Cr Shiralee Reardon who was asked by residents to represent them at the meeting, told the council last week there was “considerable concern” about the plan. Cr Reardon told the Northern Messanger the concerns related to traffic congestion and the location, and not religious or ethnic difference.

“It doesn’t matter if they are Catholic , Mormon or Muslim.” Cr Reardon said.

:There are just a number number of concerns about it, including traffic issues. ” I just don’t think it’s been a very well thought out.” Ms Bennett, who was not at the meetting, could not be contacted for comment.

The Shia Community bought the 1.38ha block which is surrounded by small businesses and warehouses on Bridge Rd for $1.4 million four months ago. A $3 million two-story mosque, featuring prayer halls and meeting rooms, a cemetery with 1000 plots and a carpark with 150 spaces form the organisation’s development application.

It would have the capacity to host up to 500 people. Shia Community director Syed Mehdi said the organisation had been searching for a suitable location for about four years, including at Salisbury and Elizabeth. Mr Mehdi this week said “we know about the petition that went to the council” and reiterated that his organisation was happy to conduct a traffic survey and provide extra information top address traffic concerns, if that was what the development assessment panel required.

To see what Shia Islamic Religion preform, please click this link: Warning Graphic Images Yes this is Coming to a Mosque near you……


From Site Admin: I will endeavour to seek more information from the Salisbury Council on this and advise soon if there will be a opening for a Objection vis the normal Council Requirements.