Part 10 – The Unsocial Media of Mr El Mouelhy

Part 10 – The Unsocial Media of El Mouelhy

If the general public wasn’t forced to pay a halal food tax, with their money going to unknown Islamic causes in a highly-charged global and domestic environment, there wouldn’t be this level of outrage. The certifying scamsters claim that consumer objection is all about halal food. Not so!

Consumers are not protesting about halal food, they’re objecting to paying extra fees at the checkout for the benefit of an Islamic few here.

Australians in their millions are contributing daily to the Islamic agenda with funds being transferred overseas for Islamic “purposes” or for the personal wealth of private halal certifiers.

Even Muslim shop owners and wholesalers are annoyed and want to escape these totally unnecessary fees, they say it’s a rip-off and that almost all foods are already “halal”.

Leaving aside the animal welfare issue, we all enjoy good clean tucker that’s already strictly regulated by our Australian Food Standards Codes under Australian law – the Legislative Instruments Act of 2003.

Muslims eating our food are already safe without the recently introduced Islamic logo stickers designed to redistribute your grocery funds to Islamic fortune hunters and other dubious Islamic ‘causes’.

It is ironic that citizens of Islamic countries producing only oil, and growing very little that can be safely eaten, have the temerity to come here and demand a costly fee to tell us what of our own clean produce is safe to eat.

In fact almost all Islamic countries are importers, they have no industrial or agricultural base, they are not farmers, nor are they physicists or manufacturers, in fact they contribute nothing to the world’s economies except their fortuitously discovered oil.

They were even incapable of getting their dirty oil out of the ground without Western help.

No wonder talentless Muslim people like Mr Mohamed El-Mouelhy attempt to skim the cream from what decent hard-working Aussies are actually producing.

The average Muslim criticises the practice of halal certification. Islamic scholars have used words like ‘bid’ha’ and ‘shirk’ – saying it’s, “the work of the devil”.

In response to Aussie consumer objections, one halal certifier who resides in Australia responds with frequent online abuse.

This is Mr Mohamed El-Mouelhy (yep, he’s everywhere it seems) a 72 year-old Egyptian-born businessman. He is also the sole shareholder and one-man-band director of his private business “Halal Certification Australia Pty Ltd”.

Mr El-Mouelhy doesn’t seem to mind controversy. Investigating halal certification in Australia and overseas, I have seen Mr El Mouelhy’s name pop up time and time again. You get the impression he is the face of halal certification in Australia. You could also get the impression he enjoys picking fights with Aussies.

In mid February 2015, he told SBS News,

“I am neither meek nor am I mild. And anybody who touches me with the finger, I touch them with the full hands. Those who touch me with the full hand, I touch them in the face.”

This is the same halal certifier who chucked a wobbly after accusing the President of the Indonesian halal certifying body (the MUI) of bribery and corruption after he (El-Mouelhy) failed to acquire his halal certification accreditation (he remains unaccredited).

An active promoter of halal certification both in Australia and overseas, El-Mouelhy has appeared on radio and on TV where he is famed for claiming, “halal certification has made me a millionaire”.

By default El Mouelhy has become a case study for this series of investigations into halal certification simply because his fingerprints are all over the worst of it. His activities exemplify the need for government-enforced accreditation, regulation and standards in Australia for halal certification.

Mr El Mouelhy regularly demonstrates his distaste for Australians with his online behaviour. PR skills are certainly not his strength.

His comments are a lesson in what not to do and say when trying to sell the “benefits” of a business. His juvenile attacks on me (I’m called Mufti Pickering) I find entertaining, but his craven attacks on Kirralie Smith (Sheik Kirralie) are crass and typical of a vacuous bully. Here are some samples of Mr El Mouelhy’s marketing skills:

February 2 2015
“To all the bigots who think they know about halal and/or Islam, without any formal studies but just being sheep managed by sheep dog”

On January 17, 2015 he posted a picture of ‘boneless pork rectums’ with the following comment:
“This is what the religious bigots eat and you know what they say: “You are what you eat”.

January 2, 2015
“Bigots always deny that they are bigots! This makes them hypocrites as well as bigots. It also makes them cowards as well as bigots.”

January 2, 2015
“Never discuss anything with an ignoramus, he will bring you down to his level where he is an expert in ignorance.”

December 6, 2014
“He who laughs last laughs longest, I have been laughing at the feeble cockamamie ideas of the bigots and their ilk, now I am laughing even more and will never stop laughing at them in the future, this is a promise and I always deliver on my promises.

“Halal is here to stay, it will grow and prosper despite all the feeble plots they think I am not aware of. (Also I will laugh all the way to the bank), weep you dole bludgers bigots.”

December 6, 2014
“For all those religious bigots, economic terrorists and Islamophobes hypocrites, Malt is produced by breweries for use in making beer, it is also used in many food products. Contrary to the belief of the above mentioned collection of misfits Malt is certified Halal because it complies with Halal requirements and not for any other reason that loonies are concocting.”

December 4, 2014
“Those descendants of convicts who don’t like it are welcome to go where their ancestors came from if they are welcome back. Otherwise they have to just bite their lips from rage, drink themselves to forget that they are losers or spend their dole money at the TAB in the hope of getting rich. Halal is here to stay, grow, prosper.”

December 4, 2014
“Unlike the mono linguist bigots and economic terrorists who write to me about their ignorant thoughts, I travel the world delivering information about how to implement Halal certification in other countries.

“Recently I delivered a presentation in Chile in Spanish of course (I speak several languages) about implementing Halal certification in Chile and the rest of South America. The presentation was well received by 150 industry representatives, now Chile Halal Certification is working to help Chile gain a foot hold in the Halal market place that is worth USD3.6 Trillion. I just like to rub the noses of the bigots in it.

“Peace and love to all”

December 2, 2014
“The moronic lot of religious bigots, hypocrites, wannabe economic terrorists, entrenched Islamophobes and failed cyber bullies are promising to destroy Halal Certification.”

December 1, 2014
“Halal certification is here to stay, grow and prosper, every effort made by the economic terrorist, religious bigots and islamophobes is a waste of time. All their promises of destroying Halal certification is nothing but humbug.

“There are those who make outlandish and unfounded claims about the Koran yet they are unable to come with one verse to back their claims.

“There are those who think I am offended by their insults I say their insults reveals more about them and reminds them of the saying: “Sticks and stones may hurt my bones but words…
These morons are the ones that are hurting because they have not achieved their aim and I promise them, they will never do.”
“Halal certification has the backing of the companies, the government and all the workers who are in employment because Halal certification made it possible.
“Love and peace to all.”

This is what happens when you let a money market go unchecked and unregulated. You have a 72 year-old on social media behaving like an adolescent bully, simply because he can.

But the glaring question posed to Mr El Mouelhy is this: Are the Islamic scholars and everyday Muslims, who are critical of halal certification, also bigots, Islamophobes, thugs and economic terrorists?

Let’s contrast that with some real bigotry. This is a recently recorded pledge from a Muslim refugee to Australia, “I swear to almighty Allah, blonde people, there is no room for blame between you and us. We owe you only stabbing the kidneys and striking the necks.”

These words were proclaimed by a Muslim welcomed to Australia with open arms, who then plotted to kill Australians only because they are not like him, not Muslim. This bigotry was tabled by Prime Minister Tony Abbott in the Federal Parliament.

Man Monis killed Australians in the name of Islam, holding innocents as hostage because they were not as him – not Muslim.

Presbyterians don’t set out to randomly kill members of the public because they are not Presbyterians, nor do they line them up to be shot, or burned alive in cages or decapitated en masse.

Real bigotry would be those Qu’ranic edicts demanding the killing of Jews, Christians, infidels/kaffirs or imposing a burdensome discriminatory jizya tax on them, only because they are of a lesser race and not Muslim. These instructions are in texts from the Qu’ran.

Real bigotry would be the slaughter of aid workers, Coptic Christians and journalists only because they too were not Muslim.

Not a word of complaint about those atrocities from Mr Mohamed El-Mouelhy, oh no, he’s too interested in imposing a jizya tax on his hosts.

It’s a big stretch to label we consumers as bigots simply because we object to paying an Islamic goods and services tax at our checkout counters.

Were those who opposed the carbon tax also bigots? Are we bigots because we also refuse to be ripped off by fake, foreign religious agenda?

Mr El Mouelhy saves his most unfair and defamatory statements for someone who actually produces things, the Australian high achiever, Dick Smith, who has refused to pay the Islamic tax on his products. Mr El Mouelhy posted online…

February 8, 2015:
“Dick Smith has been given more credit than he deserve. He is an opportunist that craves the limelight and a failure as a human being.

“He was a failure at CASA and is kowtowing (sic) to the thugs from ADL and BHiA, he gives to charity to stay in the limelight, he has always been a performing seal.”

What seems to have set Mr El Mouelhy off is Dick Smith’s reasonable position on halal certification stated on his company website:

“We have received a number of letters from people asking if we will be putting the Muslim Halal logo on our food.

“To acquire Halal certification, payment is required to the endorsing body and involves a number of site inspections of both our growers and processors in order to ensure that our practices comply with the conditions of Halal certification. It is important to note that this does not reflect the quality of the food being processed or sold – it only means that the products are approved as being prepared in accordance with the traditions of the Muslim faith.

“We are aware of an increasing number of large companies both in Australia and overseas, such as Kraft and Cadbury, who have obtained accreditation to use the Halal logo. We don’t believe they have done this because of any religious commitment but rather for purely commercial reasons.

“Perhaps these large organisations can afford to do this. While we have a choice however, we would prefer to avoid unnecessarily increasing the cost of our products in order to pay for Halal accreditation when this money would be better spent continuing to support important charitable causes where assistance is greatly needed.”

There seems to be a contrast in the level of politeness when Dick Smith states his case.

Mr El Mouelhy’s current tactics of abuse could be described as unprofessional and counter-productive to his cause – clear examples of what not to do in business, particularly with the public now watching him so closely.

No halal government agency chief in Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, the UAE, or Saudi Arabia would be so unprofessional as to sit online persistently abusing potential “customers” they plan on ripping off.

Mr El Mouelhy believes he can freely get away with this widely circulated foul abuse largely because he is self-appointed and answerable only to himself. Any employee of a reputable, honest business would have been sacked long ago.