Nestles Drops Halal Certification On Chocolate Blocks & Bars

Nestle Confectionery have dropped their Halal Certification on all their Chocolate Blocks, Bars & cooking chocolate as of March 2016.

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Nestles Halal Certified Products March 2016


With Cadburys entering into the religious sales point, this has effected Cadburys sales & profits for a number of years now. Cadburys sales & profits continue to fall and their seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, Cadburys board members do seem to really worry that Cadburys is slowly dying. The Owners of Cadburys Chocolate () have released a statement on the grounds that Chocolate is NOT required to hold Halal certification, but not pushing Cadburys to remove certification it seems that Cadburys is very much doomed and has a no more that 4 – 5 years life expectancy. The owners mentioning that Cadburys has had its time and will slowly become history.


It seems Nestles has either listened to the Customers, seen the Halal back-lash or also become aware of the sales dropping, as in March 2016 Nestles confectionery removed or did not renew the Halal certification of their Chocolate Blocks, Bars & Cooking chocolate.

I will be contacting Nestles over the next few days and will post any Certification and or Communications between myself and Nestles management.