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Western Australia

Debbie Robinson - ALA
Debbie Robinson – Western Australia
About – Debbie Robinson

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Debbie arrived in Western Australia as a 12 year old from Scotland, and immediately fell in love with her new home. Since then, she has raised her own family in WA, and continues to embrace the unique lifestyle and freedoms available to people in our great state.

“I feel passionate about democracy, freedom of speech and upholding Australian values,” she said. “But I am worried about the way we are headed as a nation.”

Debbie believes she has a duty of care to address the real concerns of people in her constituency. “We are not a one issue party,” she said. “However; one issue that does need urgent attention is the need to stop the Islamisation of Australia, as the future of our children and grandchildren is at stake.”

Debbie has spent many years raising awareness and encouraging debate about Islamic practices that violate the human rights of women and children in Australia, as well as other important topics. Before politics, Debbie worked as a registered Nurse for more than 30 years. “I am an ordinary Australian who cares about my fellow human beings and the future of this wonderful country.”

Connect with Debbie: Call on 0422 347 1760422 347 176 or write to debbierobinson@australianliberty.org

Western Australia

Dr M Hercock
Dr Marion Hercock – Western Australia
About – Dr Marion Hercock:

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Dr Hercock is a geographer, an editor with the Western Australian Exploration Diaries Project and an Adjunct Research Fellow with the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Western Australia.

Driven by a concern about declining standards in education and literacy, moral values and the stifling of free speech and academic debate, Dr Hercock has supported the ALA since its inception in 2015.

From an academic interest in environmental and resource management and public policy analysis, Dr Hercock moved to operate her own business running remote area historical tours.

She has strong empathy with people who work on the land and a belief in the great value of Western civilisation.

She deplores the growing antipathy towards our Australian institutions and values, and she is deeply concerned about the promotion of Islam and the gradual spread of cultural relativism through the policy of multiculturalism.

Connect with Marion: Call on 0499 799 6210499 799 621 or write to marionhercock@australianliberty.org

Western Australia

David Archibald Candidate for Curtin
David Archibald
Candidate for Curtin
About – David Archibald

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David’s working life has been both as geologist in oil exploration and analyst in the finance sector. For the past ten years his interest has focused on researching the ‘global warming’ issue.

His lectures on climate science in the US Senate and Congressional hearing rooms led to an appointment as a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of World Politics in Washington.

He has written various papers and books. Recent publications include, The Twilight of Abundance and Australia’s Defence. His interest in cancer research led him to edit a book on the role of phytoestrogens in the human female hormone system.

David has taken a strong interests in building dams in the Kimberley region and believes it’s time for Australians to take a stand and bring common sense back to Australian politics.

Connect with David at davidarchibald@australianliberty.org

New South Wales

Kirralee Smith - ALA
Kiralee Smith – New South Wales
About – Kirralee Smith:

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I am a proud and passionate Australian. I spent the first half of my life growing up in suburban Sydney, enjoying a wide range of sporting activities and always enjoying the sense of safe community my parents worked hard to provide. I love all things coastal and the beach is where I go to re-energise and refresh.

The second half of my life has been spent on the Mid North Coast of NSW. We have lived in a regional centre and also in a rural farming community. The people and landscape of the Australian bush and regional centres have stolen my heart.

I have been happily married to Greg for more than 17 years and together we have produced three amazing children. It is my desire to pass on to them a safe, free and prosperous nation they can also be proud of.

As Senate candidate for NSW I bring with me the comprehensive grasp of issues facing Australians living in our cities, as well as the unique concerns of people in regional and rural communities.

I was educated through some outstanding public schools and am proud of my achievements in tertiary education. I have received an Associate Diploma in Applied Sciences; a Diploma of Ministry, and a Bachelor of Theology. I have worked part time since I was 14 years old – in retail, sales, NSW Health, Private School Teaching, as well as being a partner with my husband running a small business and more recently as the Founder and Director of Halal Choices Australia.

It is time for us to have Senators and Ministers in government who can represent mainstream, conservative Australia. We need real people with real life experiences who can relate to and understand the real concerns of Australians. At present we have an over-representation of party-machined, cookie-cut, career politicians who are unable to genuinely understand the people they claim to represent.

As housewife, mother, small business owner and ‘accidental’ activist, I will ensure the voice of mainstream, conservative Australia is heard and no longer ignored, ridiculed or cast aside. My commitment to the people of NSW is to be relentless in leading the necessary debates, investigations and legislative changes to stop Islamisation. I work for smaller and responsible government, a return to solid education, decent and affordable health care, effective protection of families and law-abiding Australians, creating opportunities for small business and securing our place in the global community.

Connect with Kirralie: Call 0431 459 8300431 459 830 or write to kirraliesmith@australianliberty.org

New South Wales

mystman - ALA
Gary Anderson (Angry Anderson) – New South Wales

About – Gary Anderson:

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Angry is an Australian icon and household name who is passionate about putting Australians first. Most well known for his music career with Rose Tattoo, a solo artist, television reporter and actor he is also highly regarded for his extensive charity work. In 1993 he was made a Member of the Order of Australia for his role as a youth advocate.

Mr Anderson says, “We live in deeply troubled times and there are those who oppose us at every step of the way. Belonging to a major party, I found, was not going to satisfy my political needs. I have thrown my lot in with Australian Liberty Alliance because I believe it’s where I can serve my country best.”

New South Wales

Steve Roddick

Candidate for Lindsay

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Steve Roddick is an Australian who is deeply concerned about the increasing foreign ownership of Australian property and infrastructure, be it privately or through company structures. Steve’s view is that property rights should be reciprocal with foreign nationals, and will work tirelessly to implement the policy of Australian Liberty Alliance.

Steve is also concerned about the obscene waste of resources, and the lack of accountability, at all levels of Government, and will advocate for smaller smarter Government.

Steve’s family emigrated from Scotland in 1971 through a defence forces recruitment drive with the Royal Australian Air Force that allowed his family to settle in Australia, and become Australian Citizens.
Steve is a small business owner with extensive experience in manufacturing, trading, and finance. Steve is also a community leader, involved with his local Chamber of Commerce and various charities that support a range of issues, including feeding the homeless, and supporting victims of domestic violence and child abuse. Steve is also a sponsor of his local junior rugby league club.

Steve started his working life as an apprentice in the automotive industry, studied Automotive Engineering at Penrith, and Hydraulics at Granville TAFE. Steve started his first business in Hong Kong in 1988, while living in Hong Kong Steve developed a keen interest in trade links between Australia and Asia and was actively involved in manufacturing and trading during those early formative years of his career. 

Since 2003 Steve has owned and operated a further 3 business ventures, again with strong economic ties to Asia, and for a period of 12 years employed up to 40 staff in a manufacturing and importing business in Western Sydney. Steve understands the daily struggles of small business owners, and is currently self employed as a finance and mortgage broker in Western Sydney.

Steve believes that Islam’s political and ideological agenda is a threat to democracy, a threat to freedom, a threat to women’s equality, and is clearly not compatible with Australian Law and Culture. 
Existing migration policies present a burden on the tax payer that are not sustainable, and a security risk to all Australians who want a free democratic society. Steve supports the ALA policy of a 10 Year Moratorium on resident Visa’s from OIC countries, for these reasons.

Steve is excited to represent Australian Liberty Alliance, and pleased with the breadth of the 20 key policies.

Connect with Steve: Call 0420 289 381 or write to steveroddick@australianliberty.org.au

New South Wales

Carl Halley

Candidate for Macquarie

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Carl Halley lives with his wife Shizue Halley (from Japan) and 2 children Kurt and Tami in the Blue Mountains which is the heart land for the electorate of Macquarie. Born in Australia from British parents who came to Australia many decades ago in search of a better life Carl has always believed in supporting and protecting Australian Norms and values. Carl attended Winmalee Primary  School and then Springwood High School for his initial education. Upon leaving school he attended the Australian Maritime College and joined the Australian Merchant Navy and spent 6 years on the Australian coast in a traditional seafaring role.

Later Carl became involved in the N.S.W, National & International security industry and continues to this day to be involved in the field educating people through his international business, Tactical Krav Maga about Defensive Tactics, Terrorism, Radical Islam & Suicide Terrorism predominately within Australia and South East Asia. Carl holds a degree from Murdoch University in Security, Terrorism and Counter Terrorism, is also working on a second degree in Politics and International Studies, member of the R.A.A.F (res), and trainer to the Indonesian Counter Terrorism Police.

Carl’s key issues are :

  1. Social, Economic and Environmental issues effecting Macquarie electorate.
  2. Immigration issues.
  3. National Security issues.
  4. Defence Force related issues. e.g. veterans affairs.
  5. Stopping political correctness and protecting freedom of speech.
  6. Australian cosmopolitanism or integration and assimilation.

Carl’s hobbies include fishing, hunting, travel, good coffee and food as well as enjoying the beautiful Glenbrook National Park which he visits on a regular basis to unwind and spend time with his wife and family.

To connect with Carl write to carlhalley@australianliberty.org

New South Wales

Peter Kelly

Candidate for Bradfield

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Peter is Australian born and raised, but he has travelled extensively while serving in the Australian Defence Force, initially as an Infantry soldier, then later as an Intelligence operator.  Peter has lived in China, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Hong Kong, but he still calls Australia home.

Since leaving the ADF, Peter has operated several businesses in food and hospitality, e-commerce, real estate, change management and import/export.  A professorial post at a New York-based university occupied his time for a while.  Peter has a graduate degree in Strategic Marketing and a PhD in international business.  He is an accomplished linguist whose second language is Chinese (Mandarin).  He also has skills in other regional languages.

A strong sense of social justice prompted Peter to establish a shelter for abused domestic staff in Hong Kong in 1982.  He has worked in other charitable and humanitarian projects since.

“My passion for the Australia I grew up in, that was given to me by my forefathers and their sacrifice, is what initially drew me to the Australian Liberty Alliance.  I have seen what is happening in the rest of the world and while it appears to be the ‘thin edge of the wedge’ here, our elected officials do absolutely nothing to address what is as plain as the nose on your face.

I will not shrink from doing what some may find unpalatable.  I will not shy away from calling a spade a spade if that is necessary, regardless of who I might offend.  I am politically incorrect, but sensitive to my audience.  I am also not going to shy away from addressing issues of non-custodial parents, veterans and the underprivileged.

Given the way our great nation is heading, only a party charged with the task of addressing the ills of the Australian economy and structure is likely to take on the onerous task of fixing what the major parties have destroyed of late through waste and poor management.  We must have smaller, smarter government and a more rational approach to taxation.”


Bernard Gaynor - Queensland
Bernard Gaynor – Queensland
About – Bernard Gaynor:

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Bernard has an extensive background with the Australian Army. He spent three years at the Australian Defence Force Academy before graduating from the Royal Military College, Duntroon, in December 2002.

Bernard served first as an Engineering Officer before undertaking roles as an Intelligence Officer focusing on the Middle East. Bernard was deployed to Iraq in 2006, 2008 and 2009. He also served briefly in Afghanistan. In 2007, Bernard graduated from an intensive course studying Arabic language and culture.

In 2010, Bernard was awarded the United States Meritorious Service Medal for exceptional operational performance. Bernard left full-time service in 2011 (remaining in the Army Reserve) and has since established himself as fearless, conservative political commentator.

As a result, Bernard has been targeted by anti-free speech activists trying to silence him. However, Bernard has successfully defeated all complaints lodged against him. Bernard’s commission as an Army Reserve officer was terminated in 2014 after he highlighted dangerous political correctness in the Australian Defence Force, including the failure to understand the link between Islam and actions of Australia’s battlefield enemies. Even though all investigations cleared Bernard, he still lost his commission. He says this only highlights the urgent need to address political correctness in all areas of Australian society.

Bernard has a deep understanding of the threat posed to Australia’s democracy by Islam. In 2015 he appeared before a Senate inquiry investigating halal certification. Bernard is also a vocal supporter of the traditional family unit and stands for policies that allow families to flourish. Bernard holds a Bachelor of Arts (History) and a Graduate Certificate in Civil Engineering from the University of New South Wales. Bernard is 36 years old and married to Ellen. Together, they have seven children: six boys and one little princess.

Connect with Bernard: Call 0401 446 4390401 446 439 or write to bernardgaynor@australianliberty.org


Alan Biggs – Queensland
About – Alan Biggs:

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Alan trained as a Primary teacher and served in the State education system for 26 years. Through his union membership he helped instigate and serve on, a Headteacher’s branch that looked at addressing the issues confronting rural schools.

With his wife Lucy he then went into business opening a tuition franchise in Mackay. The small business quickly prospered and very soon was employing many other teachers part time.

Life offers opportunities if you are prepared to learn and back your abilities.  This happened in 2001 when Alan and Lucy moved to England and bought a failing UK based business with 27 franchises. Within 6 years the operation had grown to 264 centres across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

After selling the organisation in 2007 and returning to Australia, Alan undertook a degree in Psychology / Business and was awarded the Faculty Medal.

He has served as a director on the Boards of a number of Not for Profit organisations both in Australia and the UK.

He is a father of two and a proud grandfather of three.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would be drawn into politics because the politicians of the day were sleepwalking our country towards cultural suicide; and yet that is the very situation we find ourselves in today.

I made a promise to myself when our first granddaughter was born; that no grandchild our ours in some problematic future could ever say that their grandfather knew this was going to happen and yet did nothing and yet said nothing.

By joining the ALA and standing for the Senate I am fulfilling that obligation to our grandchildren, your children and grandchildren, and generations of Australians yet to be born.”

Connect with Alan: Call 0481 136 844 or write to alanbiggs@australianliberty.org


Chelle Dobson – Queensland
About – Chelle Dobson:

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Chelle’s childhood was spent in working class suburbs of Brisbane, the youngest of six children. She went through the State School system and left school, as most did at that time, after Year 10 and worked as a Girl Friday.

Chelle’s career experience spans both the public and private sectors, including working in her own business in the building industry. She claims she eventually ‘fell into’ project management and  now holds a Diploma of Project Management.

Her personal interests are varied and she has been involved with and learnt many new things working within community groups, as an ordinary working Australian.

Chelle has two children from her first marriage and a grandchild. After a period of being a single mum she remarried, and she and her husband briefly moved to Canberra before returning to Queensland where, loving the country life, they settled in a rural town on the outskirts of Brisbane.

“I love all that Australia has to offer, as a Senate candidate I want to give the people living in rural and regional areas a voice. It is time to restore respect to the elderly, those who built this country into what it is. Respect for our veterans, and serving members, that their services to their country do not go unrewarded. Respect for our farmers, let’s stop giving away our heritage.

All Australians deserve to have the same rights and obligations.

We cannot accept ‘cultural difference’ as a reason to accept poor behavior from anyone who is living within the Australian culture. We must end the divisiveness of multiculturalism and work towards an integrated multi-ethic society. Policies for the future need to be focused on integration for all Australians.

My commitment to the people of Queensland is fairness for all within the National context. I strongly feel that the current major parties are not listening to the people of this country. This is reflected in my conversations with the people of Queensland as I move around the state. I am sure this also reflects the wider view of a majority of Australians. “

Connect with Chelle Dobson via email chelledobson@australianliberty.org


Shaun Spain – Queensland
About – Shaun Spain:

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The Australian Liberty Alliance has endorsed Australian Army veteran, Shaun Spain, for the electorate of Forde. Mr Spain has served on multiple operations with the Australian Army in East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq. He returned to civilian life on doctor’s orders.
Mr Spain said that efforts to protect Australia overseas were being undone by politically-correct policies in Australia.
“Australia should be a free nation. Unfortunately, political correctness is eroding freedom. Last year we saw anti-free speech laws remain in place at the behest of minority groups,” Mr Spain said. “Decent ordinary Australians receive abuse whenever they question dangerous ideologies. They can face legal action if they express their views, even if those views are truthful. I am committed to fighting for freedom now in the political sphere before it is too late.”
“We only have to look to Europe to see that dangerous ideas can quickly take hold when minority groups refuse to embrace the democratic values of their host nations.”
“With a farming background and having managed a small business before joining the ADF I have experienced myself the challenges faced by regular Australians. They have been forgotten by the current politicians. I will always put Australians before small group interests.  I invite all veterans and supporters of veterans to join my campaign by finding me on Facebook.”
The Australian Liberty Alliance’s Queensland Senate Team Leader, Bernard Gaynor, said that he was proud to campaign alongside Mr Spain.
“Shaun Spain has fought to defend Australia’s freedom in uniform and has the battle scars to prove it. His bravery and love for our country is beyond question,” Mr Gaynor said.
“Shaun recognises that Australia’s freedom is now under attack from political correctness.”
“Shaun will ably represent the good people of Forde who want to see this political correctness banished to the dustbin of history where it belongs.”
Mr Spain is a qualified diesel mechanic and grew up on a farming property in Broadford, Victoria. He has travelled extensively and is focused on listening to the concerns of local residents who want politicians to put Australia first again. In particular, local residents believe that more should be done to assist the elderly, pensioners, disabled persons, veterans and farmers.

Connect with Shaun Spain via email : shaunspain@australianliberty.org


Rob Windred – Queensland
About – Rob Windred:

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I am a proud Australian. Up until my early 20’s I lived in Bankstown. A totally different Bankstown of today. After I was married I moved to the Sunshine Coast for some years, eventually moving to Gin Gin then Bundaberg in my late 20’s where I now call home.

I have two boys and a girl from my first marriage whom I am extremely proud of. From my Second marriage I have a Stepson whom I consider a son as well as a brother to my other children.

Although I have not played too much of a role in public life, I have been involved in positions of management in my professional career and spent many years looking after small business people, some of whom struggled day to day until eventually having to close their business.

My family and friends will testify that I have always had a strong sense of what is right and wrong and not afraid of voicing my beliefs. For many years I have seen and read about the slow and eventual destruction of the Australian way of life through the political agendas of the major parties. 

I have read many articles about what has been happening in Australian politics but until now there has been no answer of how to fix these problems. With Australian Liberty Alliance, I feel that this party “is the solution” to my question of how to fix this situation and I am convinced that through the platform of Australian Liberty Alliance we can make a vital change to reverse the downward spiral and reinstate the Australian values that so many people fought and died for over many years.

I am not a politician or part of the so called political class, just a normal Australian who has seen and experienced the struggles of everyday life and as such I feel I am more qualified to represent the normal Australians that the political class does not understand anymore. 

We need to get our education system back to what it should be and that is teaching general knowledge and refocus on more traditional methods of education. Simply put, Maths, English and Arithmetic without confusing them with socialist programs that their minds are too young to understand. 

With this election now the future of our children and our children’s children is in our hands It is most critical that we stop the downhill slide of this great nation through the agendas of the past governments. Stop them giving away our land, ports, infrastructure ie. Power companies, Telcos and food security to other nations.

Connect with Rob Windred via email : robwindred@australianliberty.org


Matt Darragh – Queenland
About – Matt Darragh:

View Matt’s How to Vote card.

Matt grew up on the south side of Brisbane and attended Rochedale SS and Rochedale High. He has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science – Medical Laboratory Science and an Honours in Life Science at QUT. He then worked for a few years at the Brisbane Treasury Casino upon its opening followed by 4 years in medical sales. In 2001 he took on the challenge of running his own business which was also the year he and his wife of 21 years had the first of their 4 beautiful sons. In 2009 Matt undertook a Masters of Public Health through the University of QLD and graduated with a distinction. These studies took Matt into Occupational Health which placed Matt in the Mining and Construction sector for the next 4 years where he lived the fly in fly out lifestyle. “The money was great, however I missed my family and they missed me. Boys need their dad around”. Matt decided to come home and spend time with the family. He now works locally for a major hardware chain in the trade section.

Matt’s decision to become involved in politics spans 15 years. “I took an interest in my early 30s which set me on a journey of discovery.” Matt has contested previous state and federal elections as a lower house candidate. “I couldn’t stand by and just watch if I saw injustice and expected someone else was going to fix it.” Matt values the Christian heritage on which our country’s culture and constitution were founded.

“This is what makes Australia the lucky country, the freedoms and other liberties that it brings. Whether you are Christian or not is irrelevant, you still enjoy these freedoms and I believe we are risk of losing them over the next 20ys if we’re blind to the risks. Our peaceful culture has also instilled in us a sense of complacency and tolerance for a great number of issues which I too share, however we must draw a line in the sand on some issue. Islam is the single greatest threat to Australian democracy and the freedoms we enjoy. Its invasion of Australia is insidious and it shields itself under the guise of religion whilst using other cancers such as political correctness and the left anti-Christian movements which are attempting to tear down the Christian pillars of our society.”

Matt is careful to point out that while he is anti-Islam, he is not anti-Muslim. “It is very important to distinguish Muslims from Islam. Islam is the ideology, Muslims are people. We hear the term “Islam is a religion of peace”, I don’t agree with this. Many Muslims are peaceful people who embrace Australian culture and laws, and are tolerant to religious differences and people’s life choices, which puts them in contrast with Islamic doctrine and many of the examples of Mohammed in the Hadiths. Many Muslims simply identify as Muslim because they were born into a Muslim family or country. Other’s may choose to leave the religion however the Islamic text calls these people apostates and the act of leaving Islam is punishable by death.” Matt has some Muslim friends and maintains a relationship with them today.

Matt has outlined a plan for his electorate. “I will endeavour to build solid relationships with the people of Griffith so I can really understand their needs. I strongly believe mainstream party candidates today have departed from their core role of representing the electorates and have more self-interest than the interest of the electorate. It seems to be a battle for power more than anything rather than a battle for justice and standing up for what’s right.” Matt understands the seat of Griffith is enormously diverse in culture and socio economic qualities and believes he is well suited. “I was once a student with no money, a business owner with money, an employee, unemployed at times, I’ve been sick and healthy, I lived a single life, and now a family man. I’ve been a renter and a home owner. These life experiences can put me in almost anyone’s shoes.”

Connect with Matt: Call 0419 228 154 or write to mattdarragh@australianliberty.org


Tony Duncan
Candidate for Bowman
About – Tony Duncan

View Tony’s How to Vote card.

Tony grew up in a working class suburb in Brisbane.   Tony took many part-time jobs to make ends meet and fund his studies through university, graduating with a Bachelor of Business.  He joined a small accounting firm and studied further, later progressing his career through large accounting and consulting firms.  This included working overseas for 6 years and starting his own software business.  Since 2005 his current business has grown and now employs a considerable number of people and services customers on an international basis.

Tony has never been a member of a political party before joining the ALA in 2015.  He has watched with increasing concern as successive governments of various political leanings over the last 10 years have treated the Australian people as mugs and made decisions that are not in the nation’s best interests.

As a concerned father and husband, who has always subscribed to the theory that “it is no good complaining about something without being prepared to do something about it”, he joined the ALA to rectify the problems that are being ignored and in some cases positively enlarged, as these problems will not go away and will need to be sorted out by future generations if action is not taken.

Tony could have ignored these issues, avoided public comment and left it to someone else to sort out.   The unfortunate truth is that if everyone thinks this way, all you will end up with is career politicians and that is what Australian currently has in abundance.  The results are all around us, whether they be:

  • Record National Debt, which our children will have to repay in the form of reduced government services and lower pensions.  This is the cruellest legacy the current generation can pass onto our kids.
  • Cultural suicide where the proud history and example of our previous generations in protecting each other is being ignored and actively corroded.
  • Our education system being used as a plaything of the politically correct, while the basics of education are being ignored.
  • Political Correctness that is strangling our ability to conduct necessary yet confronting debate on important topics for our country’s future.
  • Red Tape, Green Tape and more regulations that are strangling our ability to generate productive employment for our fellow Australian Citizens.
  • The gulf between our political class and the Australian Citizens they claim to represent.
  • The sell off of productive assets (always called “investment”, because that sounds better in focus groups) to fund non-productive and unsustainable public expenditure.

Connect with Tony by writing to write to tonyduncan@australianliberty.org


Caleb Wells
Candidate for Longman
About – Caleb Wells:

View Caleb’s How to Vote card.

Caleb Wells is a proud Australian, father, husband and citizen. 25, Caleb is married with 3 children and a 4th little one on the way.

The eldest of seven children, Caleb was born and raised in Bundaberg, a city of crushing unemployment and no prospects. To gain better opportunities, he moved away from there with his young family.

Caleb started working life as a catalogue deliverer. Since then it has been a slow progress to better himself and the prospects of his young family. He has worked in everything from general labouring, truck driving, construction, and more recently Real Estate.

“It may be old fashioned but my chief motivations for entering politics are my belief in the greatness of Australia and her people and my desire for justice.

I believe in Australia, that Australia can be more than just the “land down under”. I hope to live in a future where Australia is a world leader, economically, politically, diplomatically, technologically and militarily. Australia can be a force for a positive change in the world and be the standard of civilization in the centuries to come. Why only work towards a better today? I want a better tomorrow, not just for myself but for my children to grow up in and eventually their children and I will concentrate my efforts towards this goal.

I believe that no society can flourish without justice. Much more than just that, I feel responsible as a citizen, as a man, as a human being for the unchallenged injustices in our legal and political system. What use is a citizen, a man or a human being who does not stand up for the things they know in their heart to be right? I cannot be silent and look away pretending that all will be well and I know many Australians feel the same way.

It would be ignorant to forget that modern politics is and has become an increasingly dirty game. After all, we have had five Prime Ministers in as many years. More and more politicians in both major parties are becoming concerned with their own careers and failing to represent their constituents. This is why I must stand in the upcoming federal election with those who believe that we can break that cycle, so that we may work to build a better tomorrow.

“It is my goal and fervent wish, that at the end of life, to leave a better World and a better Australia.”

Connect with Caleb by writing to calebwells@australianliberty.org


John Spellman
Candidate for Fisher
About – John Spellman

My name is John Spellman, and I have some great news for the residents of Fisher who want to see a genuine change to our political landscape. Our once great country has virtually been brought to its knees by incompetent government from the two ‘major’ parties for the last 30 – 40 years.

The Australian Liberty Alliance party was formed last year as a direct result of concerned citizens, such as myself, banding together to fight for the return of Australia to its core values. Values that made it a great nation to live in. 

My wife Elly and I live on the Sunshine Coast where we are close to our children and grandchildren. In my time, I have been a farmer, a self employed business man, a church pastor, a worker and a boss. Whatever happens to me in life, I always seems to find myself in a leadership role, and I am ready to be part of a team to lead Australia out of the wilderness.

I’m concerned about the future of our country, and the future of our grandchildren. What legacy are we going to leave them if we do not make a stand now? I’ve concerns about many issues including, the state of our economy, the massive size of our governments and bureaucracy, the slow but steady Islamisation of Australia, the decline of our education system, the unsustainable loss of jobs to foreign countries and the selling off of our land and major assets to multinational corporations.

The Australian Liberty Alliance has, as a part of its core manifesto, policies to right these wrongs being suffered by hard working Australians. I invite you to “Stand With Me” as I attempt to climb Everest in becoming the federal member for Fisher. 

I believe, as a nation, we are running out of time to protect and hold onto what we embrace as dear to us. In another 3-5 years it may be too late to stop the rot that has been allowed to pervade our country under the so called stewardship of the two ‘major’ parties”. We have to win back Australia for Australians. We have to rebuild our manufacturing and rural base. We need to keep Aussie jobs here, we need to get back to basics in the classroom and we need to be prepared to stop the threat to our way of life presented by Islamisation.

Connect with John by writing to johnspellman@australianliberty.org

South Australia

mystman - ALA
Wanda Marsh – South Australia
About – Wanda Marsh:

View David’s How to Vote card.

Wanda Marsh is a proud Australian. ​Her​ greatest passion is Australia and its people. A mother of three sons, South Australia has always been​ her home. ​She spent her early years in Pinnaroo, followed by schooling in Loxton. Growing up in the country and enjoying life on the magnificent river Murray, ​she learned to appreciate the diversity and rich complexity of our state.

​She believe​s​ we need a strong central government that will protect Australians now and into the future: “We need to stand up for Australian values, values that are non-negotiable and address those that challenge Western civilisation”. The intolerance we see towards democracy, freedom and equality of Australian culture has led ​her to become an ALA Senate candidate for South Australia.

It’s hard to imagine the world without children that have hope for the future. The traditional family is the basic building block of our society. However​,​ this concept is being diluted by the redefinition of family. Drugs, unemployment, ineffective education, health and aged care issues are added problems in our community.

Wanda’s life has been shaped by running businesses, diverse roles as employee as well as volunteering in her community: Community work such as business management within the local aboriginal community, volunteering and coaching with local netball and football teams, as well as supporting people who suffer from the effects of sexual and physical abuse. Among all of this, ​she spent two years with Reclaim Australia.​ Her professional life and personal interests have guided and prepared ​her for the role of being an Australian Liberty Alliance candidate in the Senate.

​Wanda believes that politics is not just a profession, ​but a commitment, a duty and a service to one’s country. ​She ha​s overcome several obstacles throughout her life with perseverance and a positive attitude. ​She is unafraid of challenges​ and encourages us all to rebuild Australia together​.

Connect with Wanda by email wandamarsh@australianliberty.org or call 1300 717 144


D Jones ALA
Daniel Jones – Victoria
About – Daniel Jones:

View David’s How to Vote card.

Daniel Jones is a proud Australian who is a staunch defender of human rights, freedom of speech and individual liberty.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Daniel is a seventh generation Australian. While living in suburban Melbourne, he spends much of his time in rural Victoria, where he has strong family ties. Daniel has a business degree from RMIT and has spent considerable time in the business and IT domains.

As a leader with a global technology company, he has managed and works with international teams of many ethnic backgrounds and across multiple time zones.

Daniel’s training with the Army Reserve made him a passionate supporter of the Australian military and all services that protect our values and way of life.

Having married recently, Daniel has found himself more concerned about the future of Australia. He believes it is paramount that we protect the most vulnerable within our community, especially children.

Daniel is well aware that decisions we make now will be inherited by our children and grandchildren and it is our responsibility to pass onto them a safe and prosperous country.

He recognises that the current political leaders do not have Australia’s best interests at heart and are focussed only on the next election cycle. This leaves Australians with a political leadership that is devoid of responsibility to the nation and its people. Australians deserve political leaders who stand behind them, who will work hard to represent their interests and values and who look far beyond the next election cycle.

As a Senator representing all Victorians, Daniel will work tirelessly to ensure jobs and prosperity can return to Victoria. He is committed to ALA’s values and core policies and will ensure the most vulnerable are protected and cared for.

Connect with Daniel Jones on 0478 127 6280478 127 628, or email him at danieljones@australianliberty.org


Tony Robinson
Candidate for the Senate
About – Tony Robinson

View the Tasmanian Senate How to Vote card.

Tony Robinson is a concerned citizen of Australia and proud to be the Australian Liberty Alliance’s endorsed Senate candidate for Tasmania.  He is 64 years old and has worked as a surgeon for 27 years.  Over the years Tony has met thousands of patients. Throughout this time, he has come to appreciate the strength of patients when facing adversity.

Tony believes we are facing a collective adversity on a national level.  The problem needs defining and an articulate response. Tony refuses to use political correctness as an excuse for moral cowardice and will work to highlight the problems associated with Islam and divisive multiculturalism.  He supports integration over segregation.

As Senate candidate for Tasmania, Tony will work toward smaller smarter government and sees the need for strong support of our pensioners and small businesses. He stands for freedom of speech and will act to stop our great nation from heading down the path of appeasement and mediocrity.

To connect with Tony please call 0475 109 000

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