‘Ramming Islam down Kiwi throats’: KFC halal campaigner racially abused

NEW ZEALAND (nzherald.co.nz), 7 Dec, 2017

A woman who is campaigning for KFC to introduce halal meat has copped a raft of racist and abusive comments.

Auckland Muslim Syeda Fouzia, who helped start the campaign “We Want Halal KFCs Back In New Zealand”, believes delivering halal food “is not that difficult”.

However, her views have met a backlash after she received a barrage of hate mail.

Fouzia revealed she has been told to “go back to your own country”, and another person said New Zealand runs the risk of being placed under “Sharia law”.

David Wardly – one of the strongest critics of the online campaign – said halal certification was a strategy for Muslims to “ram their religion” down Kiwis’ throats.

Fast food giant KFC is being lobbied by Muslims to include halal certified food on its menu at stores across New Zealand.

Other critics have told Fouzia and those in support of the campaign to “go home”.

“We fit in with your rules in your countries, you fit in with the rules and ways of New Zealand. Your choice, go home or adjust,” one person wrote on social media.

“Don’t like how things are done in NZ and our culture then don’t come here,” a woman commented.

“‘I think it is so rude to go to another country and expect them to change their way of doing things to fit your beliefs and what you have in your country.”

However, Fouzia told Fairfax she was unfazed by the racial abuse and criticism.

“We knew some people won’t like the idea of halal KFC. To the haters I just want to say ‘bless you and bless your family’,” she said.

“We are not asking for the whole supply chain to change, just certain [halal] days in certain branches would be fine.”

The movement is being led by Syeda Fouzia, who said the process of delivering halal food ‘is not that difficult’.

President of Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand, Hazim Arafeh, explained that New Zealand’s halal practices were in line with the Animal Welfare Code.

“In Islam an animal must not suffer or be sacrificed in front of other animals,” he told Fairfax.

“Halal certification is not about bringing Sharia law in to New Zealand, it exists because New Zealand wants to export to Muslim countries.”

Despite public support for the move, KFC has no plans to include halal options at its chains.

A spokesperson for the brand said they had explored it in 2001 and were not looking to make the move permanent.

“We appreciate their request, however the issues relating to us being able to certify halal product for customers remain,” a KFC spokesperson said.

“We have no plans to re-introduce halal in New Zealand.”

One Response to ‘Ramming Islam down Kiwi throats’: KFC halal campaigner racially abused

  1. nonhalalaustralia says:

    Site Admin, There is Audio of an interview that I have asked were I can obtain it from, once I have this audio it will be added to this article. I would like to have a chat with the announcer to fill in the missing information that seems to have slipped the Muslims mind…. things like “Halal” is NOT required at all, its a way of spreading Sharia Law, all that is required is “bismillah” to be said over any food that is to consumed, even “Pork”, yes Pork can be consumed by Muslims. However as there is “No Money” being made when the word “bismillah” is used there for the Islamic faith will soon stop and the spread Sharia Law (creeping Sharia) will surly and soon die.

    Companies pay millions of dollars across the world not just here in Australia and New Zealand, for what the spread of the most “Barbaric” so called religion that “Does Not” fit in or work with any other Religion nor Countries Law systems.

    The New Zealand people should be “Thanking KFC” for standing up to a religion that is becoming known as religious “Ideology” and a very dangers one at that. This video will help you to Understand the term used above (Creeping Sharia)
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/783692648339829/ Please feel free to Join Non Halal Australia

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