Islamic businessman says all no-Muslims will be eating halal foods

November 8, 2017

Halal Certification Authority president Mohamed Elmouelhy says ‘everyone will be eating more halal than ever’

The Muslim businessman says campaigns against halal certification have ‘failed miserably

  • Halal Cerification Authority boss says ‘everyone will be eating more halal’ foods
  • Mohamed Elmouelhy’s business certifies that food is permissible for Muslims
  • He says his business is booming despite campaigns against halal certification 

An Islamic businessman who makes money certifying that food is fit for Muslims predicts all non-Muslims in Australia will be eating more halal than ever.

Halal Certification Authority president Mohamed Elmouelhy says the third-party certification industry will keep booming.

‘Everyone will be eating more halal than ever, we have just employed three more auditors to cope with the extra work,’ Mr Elmouelhy told his Facebook followers.

It’s occurring even as cereal makers Kellogg’s and Sanitarium stop paying fees to Muslim businesses on the grounds their products are plant-based and don’t contain any pork or alcohol.

Chocolate brand Cadbury, Bega cheese, Vegemite and Sara Lee desserts pay third-party certifiers an undisclosed fee to declare their foods are halal, an Arabic term for permissible.

Mr Elmouelhy, who declines to name his clients, rubbished senators Pauline Hanson and Cory Bernardi, who have spoken out against the halal certification industry in Parliament.

‘Those who advocate boycotting halal in Australia have failed miserably, instead halal is actually increasing in leaps and bounds, despite all the false information and speeches from the coward’s castle (parliament),’ he said.

‘Anti Muslims will be supporting halal and I thank them in advance.’

Daily Mail Australia broke the news earlier this month that Kellogg’s and Sanitarium have stopped paying third-party halal certifiers on the grounds their cereals are planted based and therefore don’t contain any pork or alcohol products.

Nestle has stopped paying halal fees for his chocolate bars but continues to have commercial halal arrangements for Maggi noodles, Nescafe coffee and condensed milk.

Halal Choices founder Kirralie Smith, a northern New South Wales farmer, argues that halal certification is unnecessary because most food products didn’t contain pork or alcohol.

Private and non-profit halal certifiers give their proceeds to Islamic schools and mosques.

Mr Elmouelhy told Daily Mail Australia he had every right not to disclose which companies paid him a halal certification fee or which Islamic groups he gave his proceeds to.

‘I am not going to say what I spend my money on. This is a private company and I’m a private person and I have every right to spend the money whichever way I want to,’ he said.

‘It is my private money, my private company and I can do with it what I like.’

His daughter Nadia, who is the chief executive of her father’s company, has halal certified a book by Iranian-born Labor senator Sam Dastyari, ‘One Halal Of A Story.’

The right-faction powerbroker even produced a certificate from Nadia Elmouelhy which said the binding, paper and air between the pages was halal however it is understood no fees were paid by Senator Dastyari.

Her father Mohamed noted that while Kellogg’s no longer paid halal-certification fees, Senator Dastyari was giving his industry some good publicity.

‘Kellogg’s dropped its certification but Sam’s halal-certified book more than picked up the slack,’ he said on Facebook on Tuesday.

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