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EXCLUSIVE: Kellogg’s, Sanitarium and Nestle quietly stop paying halal certification fees in Australia – after public concerns about the money funding Islamic activities

17 July 2017 Kellogg’s says it no longer pays halal certification fees for Australian cereals  Sanitarium confirms it has stopped halal fees for an exported cereals, soy milk  Nestle has dropped halal certification on its chocolate bars including Kit Kat

EXCLUSIVE: Taxpayers fork out more than $4,500 for Malcolm Turnbull’s three-course halal dinner with the Afghan president including culturally-sensitive non-alcoholic cider

Sunday, Jul 16th 2017 Taxpayers forked out $4,666.50 for Malcolm Turnbull dinner with Afghan leader Halal dinner included a lamb main course, culturaly sensitive non-alcoholic cider Morning tea for U.S. Vice President Mike Pence cost $737, with just $9 for