Coles customers threaten to boycott supermarket over ‘Happy Ramadan’ sign

June 7, 2017

Customers have expressed their disapproval over the signs, but the supermarket giant says they like to celebrate all religious festivals.

Customers have taken to the Coles Facebook page to express their disapproval over “Happy Ramadan” signs on display in stores.
People are so upset by the recognition of the Muslim month of fasting that they have vowed to never set foot in the chain’s supermarkets again.
“You disgust me Coles, once a loyal customer, I’m not anymore,” says one customer..
“Are you serious Coles? After all the latest tragedies caused by Islam, I will never support your supermarket again,” one irate customer says.

Coles hit back saying they do celebrate Christmas and Easter – to name but a few

However, a Coles spokesman told Kidspot that the stores like to celebrate all religious festivals – not just Ramadan.
“We celebrate many different religious festivals at Coles such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Orthodox Easter, Diwali and Ramadan as we always aim to represent the communities we serve.”

Customers ‘double standards’ claims quashed

This statement quashes remarks from people claiming that the supermarket chain doesn’t celebrate Christian traditions:
“Can someone please explain why Coles won’t put up Merry Christmas signs or Easter signs for fear of offending Muslims? This rubbish is acceptable. I took this photo today at Coles Manuka. This is Australia, not Beirut. Stop with the double standards Coles.”
“Coles, if you are prepared to promote Ramadan and not Christian events, you had better be prepared for some backlash from the majority of your customers!!”

Woollies has copped it in the past too …

It’s not the first time these signs have upset customers. Back in 2014, Coles’ fiercest competitor, Woolworths, copped it from shoppers for putting up Happy Ramadan signs in 239 stores in areas with big Muslim populations.
But Woollies also stood by their decision at the time.
“We celebrate as many international festivities as possible to support the diverse population of Australia,” a Woolworths spokesman said.
Islamic Council of Victoria secretary Ghaith Krayem welcomed Woolworths’ promotion and said people who opposed such initiatives did so out of ignorance and unsubstantiated fears.
“Ramadan is a time of reflection and renewal and maybe it is also a time for all of us to be inclusive rather than push each other away,” he told the Herald Sun.

47 Responses to Coles customers threaten to boycott supermarket over ‘Happy Ramadan’ sign

  1. Barry mealia says:

    Im not shopping at coles ever again they claim they celebrate all religions then why do they sell products easter eggs with the word easter taken off because muslims dont celebrate it and no happy christmas signs at christmas

    • Jean says:

      I agree with you. It all seems to be about Muslims. We dare not not upset them dare we. (Sarcastic). Yes put the Easter back in Easter eggs put up happy Christmas and NOT happy holiday. For I will never shop in Coles again ever !!!!

  2. Lachlan bush says:

    Im dump founded why they have a sonething like that and no they put up merry xmas or happy easter signs anymore please someone have guts and get rid of them

  3. keith says:

    why are we pandering to minorities?we are a CHRISTIAN country and founded with christian values. Why are we allowing this to happen. I firmly believe that in all of the Muslim Countries they would not have banners etc celebrating Christmas and Easter, so why should we do this. If any of supermarkets have these banners I will not be shopping there at all. We have very weak kneed politicians, business people etc who are looking after own interest solely and not for this great country. Lets put a stop to this

  4. Katrina Alcock says:

    With all that is happening here and globally Coles and yet you are putting up Happy Ramadan signs!I just cannot believe what you have done.It is with regret, but i can no longer shop at Coles anymore.Seriously I am gutted.

  5. kevin carey says:

    Both Coles and Woolworths are only trying to increase sales and profitability for their share holders. Unfortunately lately we seem to have seen changes in branding from companies such as Cadburys in that they now don’t have happy Easter on their products, then the corporates like Coles and Woolworths. Blindly follow suit, thus playing into the hands of the current volatile situation. My suggestion would be to go back to traditional Australian holidays and promotions, if people. Of particular beliefs don’t. Follow the traditions f thier host country, then that is thier space, but don’t change the Australian system to appease a refugee or guest in the Host country.

    • Patricia says:

      After all this is Australia ,these people refuse to recognize our religious days so why would we want to celebrate theirs .It is no wonder we are having the problems we are when our stores,governments ,schools etc bow to their commands .i will certainly not be shopping at Coles again until they reverse this .

  6. Rex Hollins says:

    Will also boycott Coles from now on till all ramadan signage is removed.

    • Terry OTOOLE says:

      Since that image appeared concernig the Islamic celebration I have not spent one red cent in Coles I have been a loyal customer for the best part of 50 odd years
      and your insult to Australians is unforgivable

      • Jean says:

        Well said terry I won’t be going there (Coles) any more NEVER & I have done the same. This is AUSTRALIA NOT Iran

  7. Pippa Hallam says:

    I will never shop at Coles, they are a disgrace!!!

  8. Aussie blood boiling says:

    I am shocked with these signs these people are only 2.3% and they are getting what they want everywhere double stands when you have taken down down the prices down and so is your double stands try and survive this sort of treatment and you lot will be like the local MFC I refuse to shop with you again we don’t want to see Halal foods or anything to do with any FALSE religious people

  9. Dennis says:

    I used to buy all my liquor from Coles liquor land but moved to woolies now stuff the Moslems they are 2% and Aussies are 90% so back the 2% at your own cost

  10. Christine Langley says:

    Yeah we will see this Christmas if they have big merry Christmas signs up!
    The Woolworths store l shop at, this year had NO happy Easter signs up and not nearly as many Easter eggs as the years before!
    Lying doesn’t squash the double standard issue at all!

  11. Paulette Reynolds says:

    We Christian Australians demand you remove all recognition of Muslims from your stores or you will suffer from a backlash.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, Anzac Day signs should be displayed at appropriate times.
    You operate in Australia, and make a huge profit from Australian’s, now serve the majority of Australians. 🙁

  12. Sue Pepper says:

    I will never shop in Coles again. I once would never shop anywhere else but now I will be supporting my IGA.

  13. Fran B says:

    Thank god for Aldi, you lost me Coles, this is a kick in the gut for Australians and you overstepped the mark this time. They don’t care for our celebrations, but yet you have bowed down to them over us, no Merry Christmas, No Happy Easter, but you put this crap up instead….bye bye Coles…

  14. Are we living in Australia, we have supported the supermarkets .since there openings, always they have supported Easter and Chris, now they are not supporting the average aussie, who have supported them for so long, i will now start going to Aldi, unless they pull down the signs, remember that this is Australia , not Syria,

  15. Art says:

    Time to short the company, investors. The SJW have traction in the board room, this spells the demise of the COLES profit.

  16. Danielle says:

    Boycotted forever – as 2 Australian girls bodies dead from Ramadan attacks were barely cold, These big traitorous signs went up. Go to woolies or Aldis

  17. very disgusted customer says:

    To not promote christmas or easter with signs and santa etc and then to promote an Islamic time of year is hypocritical to say the least. Are you thinking that putting a sign up like this to stop a Muslim from potentially blowing up someone in your stores? i do not think a sign will make one bit of a difference. Australia is a CHRISTIAN COUNTRY, with a CHRISTIAN CONSTITUTION, With CHRISTIAN LAWS and if anyone who does not wish to live in our CHRISTIAN SOCIETY and follow our laws or ways of life are not welcome here. Do you see Buddhists, sikhs or other culture using their religion to destroy our way of life? NO! I will avoid coles shops as much as i can, mind you coles prices are always too high for their food anyway. I no longer buy meat from woolworths or coles because it is halal certified, i support my local NON halal butcher.

  18. Gillian O.Hara says:

    I will be BOYCOTTING Coles from now on. I do not support companies that support terrorism.

  19. Yvonne Johnstone says:

    Goodbye Coles, as far as I’m concerned this has put the icing on the cake…I have written to Coles on another subject which was Halal Certification only to get fobbed off by a ridiculous reply…All I was asking for is for Coles to mark products that are NOT HALAL…
    Now this….you are bending over backwards for a MINORITY…
    Aldi..IGA…here I come!

  20. Myra says:

    I noticed at Christmas time there weren’t any Christmas Trees or decorations in Big W, Woolworths and Coles are equally in this Mozlim rubbish of not wanting to offend the minority, Every year I used to buy ornaments for my tree, but last year there was nothing there. Go into Coles supermarket and all my favourite frozen dinners are all halal and Woolworths are the same. They don’t care about us Aussies , mozlims are their favourites, well , boycott their stores and see how they go , hope their profits drop big time.

  21. Maddy says:

    Maybe they can put up the number of terrorist attacks that have occured on each day of Ramadan… aswell as the body count.

  22. Denise Ravizza says:

    I refuse to spend my hard earned money at a supermarket that endorses a foreign barbaric terrorist ideology in our country, the cruelty of Halal certification and the barbaric practices of Islam , is enough to turn the stomach of any civilised society, A Christian country bowing down to a totalitarian political ideology is totally unacceptable

  23. Simone Norman says:

    To be honest I would rip it down

  24. Carolyn says:

    You have lost me too. Inappropriate considering all the terrorist attacks of late.

  25. Fred Brunjes says:

    No more Coles for me dicusted you take out happy Easter and merry Christmas yet you put this political crap on

  26. Eva G says:

    Too late coles, the disrespect is done for our Christian country. Islamic groups have made many comments regarding our holidays.. now they are saying its a time for us to be inclusive and not push each other away.. wait isnt that what easter and christmas is all about?! The double standards here are obvious!

    • EM says:

      Australia is secular…it welcomes all religions.Maybe try and find out more about this country before you post untruths.

  27. Mark says:

    Sent the following to Coles via their Feedback page.

    Good Morning,

    You have just lost us as a Customer.

    We are a professional couple in our 60’s, walking away from Coles as we have come across a picture circulating on how you are supporting those who believe in Ramadan. More over, large banners in your stores which is absolutely offensive and disgusting given what is going on around the world today. Innocent children being murdered in the streets.

    Have you no sense of care to the community ? or are you just interested in the Dollar. Trying to bring that group of people into your stores.
    Halal is bad enough, taxing us to pay for Muslim beliefs. What a load of Crock.

    Coles, you are disgusting.

    Dr. Mark Anderson.

  28. Christine Wise says:

    You can’t afford our displeasure, we talk with our feet and our wallets Coles. Goodbye Hello Aldi 🙁

  29. Lisa says:

    I now shop at Woolworths. Bye bye Coles.

  30. Joanna says:

    Goodbye Coles, you are a disgrace. Thank God for Aldi.
    This is a Christian country and there is no respect to Australians. I am not Australian but respect their values, shame on you, me and my family will never go to you. BOYCOTT COLES

  31. EM says:

    Why havent you published the many comments that have spoken up against these bigoted so called customers?Or shown the pics of Woolies and Coles signs celebrating other religious festivals?

  32. Jen Renn says:

    Well looks like Aldi’s will score more customers from now on because they don’t allow political agendas to dictate how they run their businesses !
    Incidentally, I have never seen a mainline supermarket have slogans like ‘ Have a safe and blessed Christmas’ or ‘Happy Hanukkah’ or ‘Happy St Nicholas’! So assuming that they have such slogans we will wait and see if they appear too ..

  33. Anne Ide says:

    Coles you have lost me. The dishonesty of your company knows no bounds. Ae you relying on all the public being stupid, like your Halal meat. No individual markings on each packet of meat but……the boxes it comes in are, wow, think we are all stupid. Foodland here I come. Bad news to publish Ramadan when a young girl from Loxton has been killed by the same peopke you are giving glory to.

  34. Dianne Grant says:

    These supermarkets don’t “celebrate” Easter or Christmas for their loyal customers ! They put Christmas decorations on display “for sale” around October., and Hot Cross Buns on shelves around January ! That’s not celebrating our Christian values., That’s Corporate Greed at its Best !!! and my pet hate. All they can see is the Almighty Dollar. Their poor excuse is that it’s “customer demand” what a load of cobblers

  35. Gary Hayes says:

    Coles, haven’t you people been seeing the media, with the many murders in the name of Islam.
    Australia is a civilised, mainly Christian country, and does not need, or want Islam in this country.
    Because of your disgusting behaviour, Aldi will be my shopping place from now on.

  36. Patricia says:

    I am really upset with Coles and will be taking my business elsewhere ,you say you celebrate our Holy Days but you stock Cadburys with are Haal which do not have Happy Easter on them .I am not surprised that we are having the problems we are and attacks on us ,as these people are glorified and do not accept our customs their children leave assembly when our National Anthem is played and refuse to stand ..

  37. Julie Tucker says:

    I am very disappointed with Coles Supermarket, as I do not like the Happy Ramadan sign in the Coles Supermarket, I find it very offensive, this is Australia,this is not the Middle East. I usually spend a lot of money in your store, but I am thinking of going else where in future, I will be writing to West farmers too and telling them also. I also find the sign Happy Holidays at Christmas time and Easter very offensive too. You cannot take Christ out of Christmas, if you do, you have no holiday at all and people should work over Christmas, if they do not believe in Christmas then they have no right to a Holiday, as Holiday means Holy Day. This is Australia, we are traditionally a Christian country and has been for a long time, it is so wrong to let people move into our country and just take it over. Not happy with Happy Ramadan at all.

  38. Jeff Donovan says:

    It is my strong belief that all religions fall under just ONE Creator, and every person has the choice to worship their own beliefs under the chosen faith or religion.
    Each person should not be forced or assimilated to conform to a specific religion, nor shall we judge or disrespect any religion or culture.
    I further believe we should NOT BEND to accommodate another religion to further their choice to make or force people to pander the wishes of a religion, just because they choose to reside in the beautiful country.

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