Sanitarium yesterday ditched halal certification……

From the Friends of Q Society:

Good news in the struggle against halal certification schemes:

The Sanitarium company confirmed to QSA yesterday that they have ditched halal certification. This is an important step in the right direction.

Weet-Bix is back in my Trolly

Besides, any reasonable Muslim who knows his Koran, also knows that cereal and dried fruit are not ‘haram’.

Let’s all enjoy our Weetbix again!

Please support Q Society volunteers in their work to critically inform Australians about Islam and how we can stop Islamisation.

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39 Responses to Sanitarium yesterday ditched halal certification……

  1. Lyn beattie says:

    I don’t understand how they were halal in the first place

    • William says:

      I agree, how did they ever go down this track in the first place? It seems contradictory to everything I thought I knew about Seventh Day Adventists. Somebody needs to have a little chat with the dopes that ever thought this was OK!

  2. Mardi Muurson says:

    So pleased! (Praise God)

  3. Mardi Muirson says:

    So pleased! (Praise God)

  4. BILL says:

    Well this is not before time. Time all others paying this tax to an overseas country stopped. We already pay more than enough tax in Australia.

  5. John Thomas says:

    Sanitarium is a light in the darkness of the Islamic halal certification scam. Now my family and I can enjoy their products knowing we are not supporting one religion above all others.

  6. Noelene Cook says:

    Thank you Sanitarium for dropping Halal certification, I can now go back to buying your cereals, I especially have miss WeetBix. I just could never understand why you would be a supporter of Islam and cut out so many of your customers.

  7. Lorraine says:

    I would like to say thank you so much for ditching Halal I will now start to buy your products can’t thank you enough for listening to the the people God Bless you. regards Lorraine…ps letting everyone know.

  8. Robert Bourke says:

    Great news, but I haven’t seen it yet on mainstream media? Let’s hope more manufacturers (Bega, Coon, Vegemite etc follow suit.

  9. Shirley Hogg says:

    That’s wonderful news. So sad that Kirralee had to back down.
    Keep up the good work, Kirralee. We love to hear from you. Standing with you & Q Society. Praying God challenges people to think differently and to stand up for Australian values.

  10. Mick mares says:

    Common sense has prevailed.,but I have acquired a taste for Vita Brits

  11. Paul Prideaux says:

    I so hope this is true.I t would be nice to buy their products again.

  12. Rod Paton says:

    Sanitarium is a Christian owned company anyway so it stands to reason, good for them upholding their fundamental values!

  13. Brian Clare says:

    Great result if true

  14. Gail says:

    Great Job. I hope all their products are now non halal do I can return to buying their products.

  15. Jamie says:

    thank you so much

  16. Elizabeth Lock says:

    Well done Sanitarium. We can happily buy your products again without a Muslim tax.

  17. Jan billett says:

    Thank you! Was always a favourite, so now my husband
    Can return to his childhood favourite breakfast !!!!

  18. margaret young says:

    Thank you Sanitarium for removing this odious tax. We can all now resume enjoying your products once again. I hope all Australian companies that previously allowed themselves to be bullied into being part of this scam show courage and follow your lead. Thank you to Q Society for helping bring about this positive action.

  19. William Hey says:

    Thank you, Sanatarium.

  20. William Hey says:

    Thank you.

  21. Niki bryan says:

    Yooohoo ive missed my weetbix now i can enjoy them again with milk or butter and honey also all the other good things sanitarium make.thankyou sanitarium

  22. Adam mills says:

    If this is true,my boycott will be over

  23. donna johnston says:

    that is excellent news. sanitarium is back on the grocery list. we blackbanned it in our home purely because of that nasty halal certification

  24. MARIA HAMILTON says:

    yay I can have weetbix again 😀

  25. Cheryl Ambrose says:

    Stopped buying weetbix a long time ago because of halal certification.. It’s good news.. Halal is a scam.

  26. Paul stevens says:

    Hip hip hurrah well well good jub people bit by bit we will do this just stay strong slowly but surely it will happen

  27. Robyn says:

    It’s fabulous that you finally have a brain thank up you

  28. Aaron says:

    From their website Providing foods for a global community
    Our story
    Sanitarium’s mission is to share with our community health and hope for a better life. This means we want to ensure everyone, both locally and globally, has the opportunity to choose and enjoy healthy, tasty and convenient foods.

    Sanitarium products naturally meet Halal standards and appeal to people seeking Halal foods as we do not use meat-based ingredients or alcohol in our products. Sanitarium exports to over 40 countries around the world, and many of these countries require foods which are Halal certified. Therefore, to be able to provide Muslim communities with healthy foods we obtain Halal certification for the foods we export. This, by nature of our production and processes, includes foods produced in Australia.

    Halal certification is a one-off annual fee which covers direct certification costs only, such as air travel, inspection time, raw material evaluations against Halal standards, data entry and clerical administration costs. The certification authority we use is recognised and approved by the Federal Government’s Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) for export purposes.

    The cost of the certification fee is not passed on to our domestic consumers and there is no product royalty payable on products that have Halal certification.

    The Australian Food & Grocery Council (AFGC) have further information on Halal certification.

  29. Julie McFarlane says:

    Hi, It was a surprise but a pleasure to hear that the Halal Certification will be dropped by your company which now means I will be purchasing your Gluten Free Weetbix again. I thank you with all my heart! May your sales excel and profits soar with this decision! Excited, and valued customer again, jules.

  30. Lee-ann says:

    Good news thankyou for stopping halal certification on your products

  31. michael osborne says:


  32. Bruce says:


  33. Kel Marlow says:

    Are we certain about this? There’s no mention of it on the Sanitarium website, and other non Halal organisations are still showing Sanitarium as fully Halal certified.

    • nonhalalaustralia says:

      Ok, what the problem is as there are so many websites that list non halal and halal products many do not update their lists every day, they will update them yearly. This is one reason why Non Halal Australia does not produce a list as such. Its just way to hard to keep up and that also can lead to court cases against people that mislead and cause lose of sales.

  34. Chantel says:

    How do we know that the certification was dropped? What proof can we obtain? Sanitarium still exports so somehow I’m.not buying this story. As much as id LOVE to buy sanitarium again I’m not sure I believe it to be non certified if they still export? Can this be clarified?

  35. Dave Graham says:

    Yep 98% of Aussies making an unnecessary donation to something they don’t belong to, to an organization that don’t own shares in all the companies they are collecting from. I rather donate to the broader community like the national heart foundation. We all have hearts

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