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UAE awarded top spot in rankings of halal food ecosystem

25-Jan-2017 The UAE has come first in an authoritative new ranking of global nations with the best developed halal food ecosystems. The annual Thomson Reuters report on the global Islamic economy placed Australia and Pakistan second and third through a

‘Last resort’: Mondelēz ups prices on select UK products

13-Jan-2017 Cadbury maker Mondelēz International has increased wholesale prices on some UK products, reporting increased cocoa costs and a weaker British pound. “…We are having to make some selective price increases across our range,” said the company in a statement.

World’s largest halal firm eyes stock market float

20-Jan-2017 Brazilian meatpacker BRF plans to capitalise its new halal subsidiary OneFoods and may look to raise funds via a stock market flotation. BRF has taken “preparatory measures” to explore the possibility of raising capital for OneFoods, the largest halal

Qatar-backed wealth fund joins BRF to buy Turkey’s poultry leader

11-Jan-2017 An international consortium backed by a Gulf sovereign wealth fund has agreed to buy Turkey’s biggest poultry producer in a half-billion-dollar deal fuelled by a desire to expand into halal markets. The Qatar Investment Authority formed a joint venture

Poultry producer launches halal subsidiary

13-Jan-2017 One of the world’s largest exporters of poultry BRF – which operates a factory in the UK – has launched a subsidiary to target the growing halal processed foods market in the Middle East. Dubai-based One Foods Holdings planned

BRF launches ‘world’s largest’ halal company

05-Jan-2017 Brazilian meatpacker BRF has launched a new subsidiary called OneFood, billed as the largest halal meat company in the world. OneFood, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), will run all of BRF’s halal meat operations, as the company

Outrage over Cory Bernardi and George Christensen attending the “world’s worst fundraiser”

The left continues to flaunt its tendency to get offended at every move made by right-wing politicians to save Western civilisation. This time the outrage is directed at conservative parliamentarians Cory Bernardi and George Christensen attending a fundraiser associated with

Global halal certification scheme aims to end ‘confusion’ across market

16-Apr-2012 Last updated on 16-Apr-2012 A new collaborative global halal certification scheme is set to streamline the ‘confusing’ industry area and provide a realistic, clear benchmark for food producers to work and adhere to. The scheme, run through the newly