Monthly Archives: July 2016

From “The Australian Paper”: Q&A: ‘Good bloke’ Muslim lashed Hanson

July 22, 2016 The Muslim man who confronted Pauline Hanson on ABC’s Q&A over her “Islamophobic feelings” on Monday night has repeatedly denigrated the One Nation leader online, posting doctored images of her in a hijab and telling her to

Halal wholesaler fined £25,000 over controlled waste

15-Jul-2016 A Birmingham halal meat wholesaler has been ordered to pay more than £25,000 after being found guilty of failing to prevent controlled waste escaping from its premises. However, the company has confirmed to that it planned to lodge

The Gympie Times: Anti-Halal group declares jihad on Gympie export business

26th Mar 2015 Update as of 13th July 2016 AN ONLINE assault on Gympie family-run business of 58 years, Nolan Meats, has accused the meat processor of charging all consumers for the cost of supplying halal certified products. The attack

BRF spin-off creates halal unit

01-Jul-2016 Brazilian meat processor BRF has announced plans to set up a subsidiary tasked with strengthening the meat giant’s supply of meat to Muslim consumers. BRF confirmed its intention to establish a sister company, Sadia Halal, to focus on the