Nestle no longer pay for halal certification on their chocolates ???

“Chocolate From March 2016, Nestlé retail chocolate blocks and bars, and baking chocolate, are no longer halal certified.” ???

But after a phone conversation today the 21st day of April 2016, its been discovered that Nestle’s has change the ingredients used to make their Chocolate products. This making it NOT rendering Halal certification.

What does this mean? well put it this way the ingredient used is already at Halal standards, meaning it does not require certification. Cadburys change the gelatin to a NON beef blood and pork to Islamic Religion standards, by them doing this it change the taste of the Cream Egg but they do not care that it taste shit. I hope that explains what Nestles have done?

Please click Here for the Nestle Halal Products List 2016

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  1. Garry Nosworthy says:

    Nestle are using Halal by stealth. The ingredients have been Halal certified and that’s good enough for me not to buy their chocolates.
    I am a proud Islamophobe.

  2. Deb DS says:

    I don’t get this. Are individual ingredients certified? Are they saying that their products are Halal naturally and therefore don’t require a certificate?

    • nonhalalaustralia says:

      What it means they change the ingredient to suit, just like Cadbury and their Cadubury Cream Eggs. Cadburys change the gelatin to a NON beef blood and pork to Islamic Religion standards, by them doing this it change the taste of the Cream Egg but they do not care that it taste shit. I hope that explains what Nestles have done?

  3. Debra Riddle says:

    Until the recipe is returned to the original I will not be buying any of the nestle products.

    • nonhalalaustralia says:

      You and me alike I will not touch them…

    • Garry brown says:

      So halal is the meat they use in MC DONALDS and HUNGRY JACKS do you eat this food to ban it all.

      • nonhalalaustralia says:

        McDonalds is the only meat that is halal certified. HJ’s meat is not halal slaughtered. All bread rolls are halal. Not sure about Maccers chips but HJ’s chips are from America and they are halal certified.

  4. Margaretha Dudok says:

    A lot of products like water, tampons chickens toilet paper are already Halal but the Muslim Society wants to collect Halal certification money. I bet you they buy anything they like. Say a prayer over their food and eat EVERYTHING this is just income for them and extortion

  5. Coral Edwards says:

    Even with nestles changing chocolate….what about their other products???? Coffee, Milo and many other products. Either way I wont buy them again as there is NO TRUST left in me for that company xxxcoralxxx

    • nonhalalaustralia says:

      Their other products remain Halal certified. It seems that Nestle will not provide a copy of their Halal certificate, so to date its only Nestles word that their Chocolate is no longer Halal certified….. There for I will still Boycott there Chocolates.

  6. Anke Skrandies says:

    All chocolate in supermarket is shit anywaymost products are hala by default double check you’re labelling thecrorting has to stop

  7. Maz says:

    Halal = Kosher = lawful
    what is the problem with such word?
    Any way all ingredients are lawful by default

    The unlawful is coming mainly from pork products and alcohol, both products has bad reputation nutritious wise. Pork has been known for poor digestion system that doesnt eliminate toxins and store them in its body, later transfers through its products to your coffee and chocolate.
    Alcohol has been known for many health issues, specially for liver. social problems. therefor classified unlawful by many groups around the world, not just by Muslims.

    • Irish says:

      It’s not the word, it’s the certification fees that are placed on the product that everyday people buy who have no choice but to pay for the halal certification!

  8. Halal is cruelty says:

    Halal certification it’s giving away company money to an idealogical cult that hates us anyway!!! and it is supporting massive animal cruelty, huge human rights abuse and funding terrorism.

    • Fais says:

      Halal means the animal has been slaughtered in a clean way, by cutting the throat of the animal, with very sharp knife so it does not sufferror and all blood drains. the real cruelty comes with the non Halal way, by use of electrocution which is painful then thenter killing of the animal. this process also keep the blood in the animal so it is not clean, and may add to the profit as weight increases. Halal also means there is no alcohol or pork in the product.

      • Anoymous says:

        You need help! You’re not human to enjoy the way Islam kill their animal and people…sick bastard.

        • Adam says:

          I want to help you “Anonymous” !!

          Islam doesn’t allow any Muslim to do something wrong with human or animal. Islam is the way of life from first human Adam to end of the time! Go through the history of all Prophets including the last prophet. God sent us lot of Prophets to teach us humanity for everyone. Those rejected his prophets they are the cursed ppl and will be penalized seriously here after. Those accepted his Prophets their bad deeds turned to good and paradises for them. Let’s think deeply, gether knowledge and ask forgiveness from Almighty. Moreover we can seek help through holy Qur’an as it is the final book from God and we can ask any questions to Islamic scholars in a good way! Hope you understand ! Also please disclose your nake, don’t feel afraid! Muslim don’t feel afraid as we have to die one day and as a Muslim paradise is waiting for us In-sha-Allah.


  9. Anoymous says:

    It’s sickening that honest citizens have to pay for Islam tax on our fave chocolates, coffees and foods! Since when is it bad for business such as Nestle, to go Islamic and forget about their honest customers who have been buying from for years? Same goes for me…will never buy from Nestle again until they go back to NORMAL again!

  10. Adam says:

    Consume Halal is a command by God to Muslims. Muslims must adhere to God rules. Of course God knows what is best for His servants to live on this earth.

    Some people say Halal is about quality. Quality that guarantees the best ‘outcome’ of not only your body, but also your mind and soul. Halal gives our bodies with wholesome products free of harmful ingredients i.e pollutants, filth,toxins,etc. It’s not only desired by Muslim, but also desired by all of humanity. It’s a common need, a common desire and a common right, and that means everyone can benefit from consuming halal foods.

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