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Chinese halal legislation taken off the table once again

19-Apr-2016 Lukewarm reaction to a draft law on halal food has prevented it from being listed in China’s legislative work plan for 2016 in spite of an announcement last month by the State Council’s legal affairs office that put it

Nestle no longer pay for halal certification on their chocolates ???

“Chocolate From March 2016, Nestlé retail chocolate blocks and bars, and baking chocolate, are no longer halal certified.” ??? But after a phone conversation today the 21st day of April 2016, its been discovered that Nestle’s has change the ingredients

Prinova to distribute Lycored’s lycopene- and beta carotene-based natural colors in the US and Canada

11-Apr-2016 Prinova is now the exclusive distributor of Lycored’s lycopene- and beta carotene-based natural colors in the US and Canada following a tie-up between the two companies. Larry Davis, commercial director, food & beverage, at Prinova said: “Customers are removing

‘No specific concern on confectionery,’ says Nestlé CFO after flat Q1 performance

15-Apr-2016 Nestlé’s confectionery business has posted flat real internal growth in the first quarter 2016 triggered by an economic slowdown in Brazil and an earlier Chinese New Year. Sales in the company’s confectionery division were CHF 1.96bn ($2.03bn) in Q1

Pakistani, Caribbean and Halal are the fastest growing trends in ethnic cuisine, says GrubHub

22-Jul-2013 Pakistani, Caribbean and Halal cuisines experienced the greatest growth in order volumes in US restaurants over the past year, although Italian, Chinese and Japanese remain the top three most popular ethnic cuisines in America, according to digital food ordering

Germany in social media storm over halal meat

12-Apr-2016 German social media campaigners have called for pork to be placed in the halal section of supermarkets to challenge the “cruel” way animals are slaughtered, but critics argue this is an Islamophobic attack. The campaign is spreading across social

GUEST ARTICLE: US halal food regulations… Are you up to speed?

11-Apr-2016 Islam was the fastest growing religion in America from 2000 to 2010 A growing segment of US consumers is scrutinizing animal treatment and slaughter from an Islamic lens, while halal food consumption among the nation’s fast-growing Muslim population has

New confectionery solutions concepts with Emden® ET 50

04-Apr-2016 Due to the low heat viscosity, good film-forming and the fast gelling properties Emden® ET 50 can be qualified as an excellent starch for the confectionery industry. The elasticity, clarity and low dosage level makes this product an innovative ingredient

The halal snack pack: a fast track to a heart attack? Or worse?

Tuesday 19 April 2016 Nearly 90,000 people have joined the Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society. Is this what Cory Bernadi was worried about? A concoction of meat, chips, cheese and sauce in a styrofoam container has become an unlikely social

Malek Fahd Islamic School reprieve, for now

April 7, 2016 One of NSW’s largest schools will stay open for the next few months, despite the federal government cutting funding from Friday. Malek Fahd Islamic School in southwest Sydney, which will lose about $20 million funding after a