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Call it extortion and be done with it!

Wherever Muslim armies conquered, they imposed a tax – the jizya – on the subdued people. It was paid by the conquered people to the Muslim administration for permission to live. It is so ordered in the Quran, (9:29). Fight

INTERVIEW-Halal food standards too complex-Nestle

October 19, 2015 Demand for halal food is growing but confusion surrounding global standards is hindering the industry’s potential, said an executive at Nestle, the world’s biggest food group. Aiad Al Khatib, head of corporate regulatory and scientific affairs at

Halal overhaul on menu (Australia)

10 Dec, 2015 “Halal certification is worth up to $13 billion for Australian food exporters annually”. OVERHAULING Australia’s domestic halal certification could translate into big bucks internationally, a senate committee has found. The six-month Senate inquiry into third party food

Kirralie Smith Challenges Waleed Aly…!!!

Friday 11 December 2015 SOME of the bravest people on earth are women. One of those is the gutsy Kirralie Smith who has today issued a public challenge to Waleed Aly. My bet is Waleed Aly will fail to rise

Nestlé pushes for Malaysia to become global Halal hub

12/11/2015 Thu Nestlé Malaysia held their inaugural Halal Forum, emphasising the strong prospects of Malaysia as a leader in the global Halal industry. The conference was themed ‘Malaysia, The Halal Centre of Excellence: A Flourishing Global Market’. Dato’ Seri Jamil

Austrian supermarket pulls halal meat after hate postings

Dec 4, 2015 VIENNA: Austria’s second-biggest supermarket chain has stopped a trial of selling halal meat after a storm of what it called “shocking” Islamophobic comments on social media. “Because of (unfounded!) accusations and the overheated Facebook discussion, SPAR is

A bad, expensive day in the Supreme Court of NSW for Mr Halal Certification Mohamed El-Mouelhy

Supreme Court New South Wales Medium Neutral Citation: El-Mouelhy v QSociety of Australia Inc (No 4) [2015] NSWSC 1816 Hearing dates: 20 November 2015 Date of orders: 01 December 2015 Decision date: 01 December 2015 Jurisdiction: Common Law Before: McCallum

Halal Certification – Dastyari Lies To Parliament But Admits ‘Scammers’

Wednesday 2 December 2015 SENATOR Sam ‘Dastardly’ Dastyari, lied to parliament yesterday but admitted in the Senate, through gritted teeth, yes, halal certification is riddled with scammers Dastyari, Chair of the senate committee was opposed to the inquiry into halal